[200q20v] 20vt custom exhaust ponderings...

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sat Sep 2 13:40:10 EDT 2000

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Chris Covington wrote:

> How about muffler(s) - 1 or 2?  I want a quiet system, almost stock in
> sound (maybe with a little snarl).
At the recent NE Audi owner's group meeting, I apparently dazzled a
gentleman from UUC motorworks.  He left his booth towards the end of the
day and we talked quickly, but my exhaust note while departing dinner the
night before caught his attention.

I also remember hearing a 200q20v zoom off two years ago at mt
washington.  I remember thinking, "wow, that sounds pretty damn
cool."  The exhaust always seems quite subtle from inside the car, but
apparently, sounds pretty nice from outside. I have noticed recently that
a very quick blip of the throttle produces a nice little deep note, heard
even from inside the car.

Further proof that exhaust notes are all in who you ask(and where you're


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