[200q20v] HELP! - I've lost my clutch...

Craig Gary freecarve1 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 3 02:10:52 EDT 2000

Greetings listers,

I know that this list is known for its rapid responses, so I thought I'd ask 
for a little help.  I'm currently stranded in Pittsburgh, PA -my parents 
live here, so no big deal, but my car ('91 200q20v) is immobile in a 
shopping center parking lot.

The car drove fine all day, but when I left it parked for an hour or so, I 
came out to find that my clutch pedal had dropped to the floor. I've seen 
this before in my Quantum Syncro wagon, but never before in the Audi.  In 
the Syncro, I could re-pressurize the slave cylinder by putting my toe under 
the clutch pedal and pulling it up a few times, but the Audi clutch is not 
responding.  I can pull the pedal all the way out, but as soon as I apply 
pressure, it quickly slams to the floor - almost as if there's a vacuum in 
the slave cylinder.  The Pentosin level in the power steering reservoir is a 
little below the minimum line, but I couldn't find a local vendor for Pent 
11s before I got on the road today.

Can I fill up the ps reservoir, and drive away...or do I need to bleed the 
slave cylinder now.  If so, where is the bleed valve? (the 200 family album 
is at home.

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