[200q20v] HELP! - I've lost my clutch...

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Sun Sep 3 02:21:29 EDT 2000

The clutch runs off brake fluid (for the slave and master) from the brake 
master cylinder reservoir.  Is it low?
Check the over-center spring on the clutch, under the dash; also check for 
fluid leaking.  Sounds to me like a seal in the master or slave has failed.  
Here's a quick search reply from the quattro list, 
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller at aol.com
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> I'm sure this has already been discussed, but I can't recall 
> exactly what 
> the concensus was, and the search engine is down so hopefully 
> someone can 
> help.
> I've had problems intermittently with the clutch on my '84 
> 5KS failing to 
> return all the way up.  It now seems to have become a 
> permanent condition. 
>  The bushings, spring, etc. seem to be ok, clutch moves 
> freely.  I think 
> it's the master and/or slave, but how do I tell which one it 
> is?  Would the 
> master be leaking if it was toast, because it isn't, haven't 
> checked the 
> slave yet.  Any advice on what this might be and instructions 
> on how to 
> switch both the master and slave would be appreciated, 
> because I think I'm 
> going to attempt this myself.  My mechanic told me the book 
> lists just the 
> master at two hours, and I'd rather try to do it myself.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Mruss
> '84 5KS
> If the pedal is not returning then chances are the master is 
> toast,  the 
> actual replacement is no big deal.  The hard part is bleeding 
> the system 
> afterwards.  You either need a pressure bleeder that attaches to the 
> resevoir, or another trick is to use a pump style oil can 
> filled with clean 
> DOT 4 and 2' of good tight fitting hose to fit the bleeder on 
> the slave. 
>  This is the way I bleed clutches at the dealer.  Attach the 
> hose to the 
> oil can and the slave then pump the brake fluid backwards 
> from the slave up 
> through the master.  Works great and is very quick.  The key 
> is to keep 
> bleeding until you get clean fluid from the feed hose to the 
> master.  Then 
> lock down the bleeder and drive away.  And yes 2 hours is 
> about right,  if 
> you have done few then maybe 1 hour, otherwise plan on 2.
> Daniel Jones
> Dealer Tech

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