[200q20v] Heated door lock

Thomas J. Donohue, Jr. donohue at netconnx.net
Sun Sep 3 19:33:55 EDT 2000

Recently purchased a 91 200q20v wagon.  PO told me the outer drivers
door lock had ceased to function shortly before he sold it to me and he
didn't know why.  Now I know.  Took the beast apart today and found that
the appx. 1" diameter serrated metal housing on the outside of the lock
cylinder that the nylon swivel bushing snaps into (the part held on by a
circlip and which houses the spring) has broken into two pieces.  I
doubt that I could get just that piece from the dealer (esp. my local),
so was wondering if anyone might have either the piece itself or another
heated door lock that they would be willing to part with.  The lock
itself doesn't have to work as long as the housing part is intact.  From
looking at the manual, it appears that any heated lock from 89 - 91
would be the same and maybe other years too.  Don't have a part number
that I could check because the rest of the lock is still in the door
waiting to be made whole.  Thanks for any help.  Tom Donohue

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