[200q20v] source for eurolights

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 3 11:36:52 EDT 2000

At 8:15 PM -0400 9/4/2000, Chris Covington wrote:
>Just paid a visit to a friend in Binghamton U. and one of my low
>beams went out (the left) exposing the worse-than parking lights
>functionality of my other lens with an intact bulb.  I've been
>running on HI all the time now with no flashes from other drivers
>whatsoever.... wow what a bad system.
>What's a good source for euros for my 200q20v?

Here's a response posted in 200q20v list last February (you yourself were
involved in that exchange of posts)--I'd recommend checking with Paul
Luevano, who posted the original question (below), since he might have
fairly recent info on source/prices:

>From: JordanVw at aol.com
>Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 21:37:59 EST
>Subject: Re: Euro Headlights

>In a message dated 2/11/00 2:12:12 PM Eastern Standard Time, prl at ptc.com
><< Sorry to bring up a subject that has probably been beaten to death
>>already, but I am getting ready to bite the bullet and order a set of
>> Euro's for the '91 200 20V.  Before I start calling everywhere to see who
>> has the best deal, I was wondering if anyone has done that recently, and
>> can offer any suggestions.
>> Places I plan to check with:
>> Denon
>> Metrix
>> Wolfsport

>i got mine from metrix in canada.  when it was all said and done, it was
>close to $600... (still less than Blau, and some others, tho)  More than i
>had wanted to pay

Many have dealt with Metrix, but I think they don't do retail sales. Denon
is where Chris Miller arranged our group purchase about a  year and a half
ago. I think Blau's prices may have been fairly low-ish(?) in the past few
months--their wiring harness certainly has been well-recommended.

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