[200q20v] RE: wierd behavior- "pulsing interior lights"?

Ian Duff iduff at ma.ultranet.com
Tue Sep 5 12:01:48 EDT 2000

Too much ale? Or were the St Pauli girls causing migraines (don't forget the
3 second rule, Kim would kill you)?

Voltage regulator? Diodes on alternator? I had the diodes crap out on the
alternator on my old '83 GTI, did all kinds of wierd stuff, made me wish I
hadn't been so adventurous in the recreational pharmacology department in
college. Alternator shop diagnosed it in about 37 seconds once they had it
on their test bench, rebuild was quick and painless. Not sure, since yours
was recently rebuilt...

Could also be jealousy, the 200 detecting vestiges of the contempt for the
Forkus wagon you brought back with you contaminating your karma aura...

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Just got back from a week in Chermany with my wife and 1 year old son...
Tidbit of information is that a dorF Focus stationwagon, mit AC and
automatic (not my choice), can hit 180 kph going downhill, with the AC off
and a tailwind....of course I had to turn the AC when passing, too.  ;^(

I just reinstalled the ECU into the TQW, pulled the the fuses to clear any
codes, and started the engine...and the interior lights pulsed, along with
the gauges (including the voltmeter).  I checked the voltage on channel 11
of the CC head to verify this phenomena...

I started/stopped the engine repeatedly, but the behavior continued, even
if RPMs were over 4k...

Ideas? I had the alternator rebuilt 1 year ago...  I'm also getting a 1111
fault code.  I previously had this and tried cleaning the ground wires.

Chris Miller borrowed the ECU last week and had no codes indicated, so I
doubt the fault is there.

Of course there was no "pulsing" this morning, but it does have me


-Peter Schulz

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