[200q20v] A/C relay jolts ECU, Pops Bose

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Tue Sep 5 14:45:56 EDT 2000

I just tried to order this part from Rod at TPC and he doesn't have any in stock and doesn't know when he could get one?   He's going to call me back after he investigates more.  Does anyone else know of another source for this part at that price?

Oh too.. I was on the TPC site and they have the Bosch-F5DPOR plugs on sale for 11.95 , posted sale prices is for 8/30/00 - 9/5/00....

Spark Plug-Platinum-Bosch-F5DPOR:                     $11.95
(101 000 016AA) Audi S4/S6/200 T.Q. 20 Valve

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"Mike O'Donnell" <mod2000 at home.com> wrote on  Mon, 4 Sep 2000 19:06:42 -0700


I just replaced the same relay because my A/C was "ON" in all climate
control settings including ECON.  It is the last relay on the right side of
the middle row; at least on my car.  The part number I used was 443 919 578H
and it was $39 from the Parts Connection (thepartsconnection.com).  Prior to
replacing the unit I replaced the diode per instructions on Scott's site,
but was unable to rectify the problem, and just bought a new relay.  Best of

Mike O.

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