[200q20v] 200q vs. euro E34 driving impressions (LAC)(semi long)

Beer, Jerry JBeer at boosecasey.com
Wed Sep 6 14:18:51 EDT 2000

Well, I had the opportunity to ride/drive a couple of Euro e34 M5's. Nice
cars. Both have 3.8l motors rated @ 340 bhp. The 93 was a 5 speed sedan and
the 95 was a 6sp touring (avant in Audi speak). Mine is a 91 200 q with
Ned's stage 3( 2.5 bar transducer), 24/26 turbo, shimmed WG spring. Daily
driver with 167k. 
Both felt very similar to my car in acceleration, although my car "felt"
quicker when the turbo spooled up. Top end of e34 felt stronger, as it would
pull stronger the closer it got to 7100 rpm redline.  The handling of the
e34's was definitely flatter, even without EDC turned to sport. 
After we swapped around cars, we headed home. A few impromptu acceleration
runs showed the e34's to be slightly quicker on  a rolling start, but I
stayed with them thru second and third, and actually started pulling the 93
4 door sedan as I hit fourth on our last run. Shifting around 6200 seemed to
work best. NOn congested area, no danger to civilians. 
Nice car for around 35-40k (imported). All the good stuff is standard. No
add on's really needed(especially for the limited run 95's). Not bad bang
for the buck when compared to later UrS6, but falls down against Urs4's and
especially against 200q's. 
Audi Qclub 2329
BMW CCA 57766

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