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Wed Sep 6 16:28:21 EDT 2000

Hi Allen, and welcome to the list.  The car starts fine and quickly when cold?

Typical hard starts when hot suggests that an injector may be leaking?  I don't know of any way to inspect this except by pulling the injectors, and watching to see if they drip.  Seems like you'd need to renew the o-rings to reinstall them... you could also complete the output tests and look at the spray pattern for the injectors.

I suppose you could also pull each spark plug, and inspect the cylinders with a light to see if any have fuel visible or wet plugs, suggesting a leaky injector.

The starting sequence does not use the mass airflow sensor, as it is unreliable at such low air flow.  Instead, it uses inputs from air and coolant sensors and uses a mapped fuel/air mixture.  Perhaps one of these sensors is out of range?

First thing I'd do is try a healthy dose of techron in the fuel.

Let us know what you find.
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller at aol.com
Also, there are technical resources here:
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In a message dated Wed, 6 Sep 2000  3:21:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Allen Swett <allens at mitronics.com> writes:

<< Hi 200q20v Listers,
I've never posted over here, only on the main list.  I've got a relatively
new to me 
91 200q20v Avant which I've been sorting out slowly thanks to the superior
wisdom and resources available in quattro list land....

Car has 110k on it, have replaced throttle switch, O2 sensor, full tune up,
w/p, t belt, pulley, front seals, vaccum hoses.  I don't get any codes, (4444)
But consistently have trouble on hot starts, has never not turned over, but
does take a little cranking.  My question is has anyone else had this
trouble and remedied it with either new injectors, or cleaning and or
replacing the reference sensor.
These are next on my list, but would love to hear any feedback from anyone
who's had a similiar situation.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Best Regards,
Allen Swett
Montclair, NJ
91 200q20v Avant  
89 200q   
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