[200q20v] Hot starts

Steve Hackett sbhack at attglobal.net
Thu Sep 7 23:26:12 EDT 2000

I have the same problem(since about 63k - now at 84k). Injectors, O2 
sensor, vacuum hoses, etc ... did nothing.  My feeling is that it is the 
check valve at the fuel pump.  If I jumper the fuel pump to run with 
ignition on (before start - let it run for 5 or 10 sec.) it is audibly 
clear that fuel has run out of the system as the pump refills the system 
... the car starts instantly.  In your case - at 110k - I wouldn't hesitate 
to change the pump (check valve is not available as a separate component), 
this may well eliminate the problem.  Even if it doesn't - reliability will 
be improved that much more ( I've had pumps fail as I'm sure others have) - 
it is just a component that wears out.
I have yet to change the pump - it's on my fall/winter project list, so I 
can't say 100% this solved my problem.
Be advised > there is a special tool that is highly recommended to assist 
in the removal of the pump within the tank ( #3214) as described in Bentley 
vol 1 section 20.20 .

good luck.   SH

At 03:30 PM 9/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Car has 110k on it, have replaced throttle switch, O2 sensor, full tune up,
>w/p, t belt, pulley, front seals, vaccum hoses.  I don't get any codes, (4444)
>But consistently have trouble on hot starts, has never not turned over, but
>does take a little cranking.  My question is has anyone else had this
>trouble and remedied it with either new injectors, or cleaning and or
>replacing the reference sensor.
>These are next on my list, but would love to hear any feedback from anyone
>who's had a similiar situation.
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Best Regards,
>Allen Swett
>Montclair, NJ
>91 200q20v Avant
>89 200q

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