[200q20v] "Easy Clamp" for small dia. vac/press. hoses

Steve Hackett sbhack at attglobal.net
Fri Sep 8 22:28:08 EDT 2000

Go to www.mcmastercarr.com and enter 0169 in the search box, it's a pdf 
page of the catalog.  In the middle of the page are listed great little 
small hose clamps (use the stainless steel versions).  I use them all the 
time (I have quite a few in stock).


At 08:12 PM 9/1/00 -0400, you wrote:
>How to clamp certain Audi small-diameter vacuum or pressure hoses?  The
>factory often installs a crimped-on single-use clamp, but after it's
>removed we're faced with a problem of how to resecure. In my experience,
>such tiny sizes (for 0.25- 0.3 inch dia. hose) of screw-drive hose clamp
>aren't carried in many automotive supply outlets. Also there can be a
>problem of insufficient clearance for the bulky screw-drive of an ordinary
>hose clamp An example of this is the vac/boost hose that controls the
>throttle over-run shutoff valve (affectionately known as turbo bypass).
>This valve has a hose nipple that is recessed in the valve body and doesn't
>provide much (any?) room for a conventional screw-drive clamp.
>However I recently came upon an item that may serve well in some of these
>situations: the "Easy Clamp". This type of clamp is a familar looking
>little band of spring-steel that is operated (loosened) by using ordinary
>pliers to squeeze a set of opposing tabs.  When you let go, the clamp
>tightens by spring-action. The clamp size should be selected so that it
>slides on  over the empty hose with some resistance (or with a little
>speading); then it will provide substantial holding force after a fitting
>(e.g., hose nipple) is inserted. Some layers of tape might be used if the
>clamp is slightly oversized. I've just used several of these clamps to
>secure the hoses to a small T-fitting that feeds my boost gauge.
>I haven't had a chance to verify that this type of clamp will actually fit
>at the turbo bypass valve nipple, but I expect it should work (gripping it
>with needle-nose pliers). I've seen two sizes: 1/4" and 3/8" (hose O.D.;
>there may be a 5/16" available as well as larger sizes.) I wouldn't
>recommend these be used where holding power is critical (oil, brake,
>coolant) but they seems like a useful kind of clamp for boost and vac
>lines. I found mine at Lowe's--located in the plumbing department's display
>of brass pipe and tubing (compression) fittings. The supplier is
>Anderson-Barrows (p/n A-88 and A-190 for the 1/4" and 3/8' size,
>respectively.) I'm sure they're also listed in many catalogs.
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