[200q20v] Powersteering may be going!

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Sep 11 13:29:43 EDT 2000

I'd guess that if your pump is making clicking sounds AND has reduced 
performance that you have more than a bearing making noise.  That sounds 
more like a broken piston or piston drive-lobe or something like that both 
making noise and failing to pump as much.  About the only repairs possible 
other than a total remanufacturing is a resealing to solve leaks that 
either result in the pump leaking oil externally or foaming up the oil 
internally.  The latter causes the oil reservoir to overflow with foamed 
oil.  I'd be looking for a remanufactured pump from one of the parts 
suppliers (TPC, Carlsen, Clair, Blau, German Auto parts, etc).

At 09:02 AM 09/11/2000 -0700, Joseph Vanzeipel wrote:

>For the past few weeks I have heard what can only be described as a clicking
>noise from the belts or pumps.  I thought not much of it and thought it was
>a misaligned belt.  Well, the other day, parallel parking was an exercise in
>arm strength (and only driving cars with power steering, it was quite an
>exercise).  This got my attention.  The clicking sound turns out not to be
>the belts, as they are all in alignment, but (from what I think) is the
>bearing in the power steering pump (the top driver side, I believe).  I have
>only driven the car on weekends and a few weekdays since three weeks ago
>(after a good 400 mile trip).
>Here's my questions:  Is there a way to just replace the bearing without
>replacing the entire pump?  Is there another test to make sure it really is
>the power steering pump and not something else?  How much will I be looking
>at for a pump?  For labor? (I can't work on it myself for the meantime, I
>just started college, and don't really have the time or the patience).
>Joseph Vanzeipel
>91 200q (103k)
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