[200q20v] Re: v8q hood on 200q20v

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Sep 14 11:25:56 EDT 2000

Chris Covington writes:
> I was under the impression that the flared 200q20v fenders were the same
> as the flared v8 fenders.

No, the cutout shape for the headlights/corner seems a bit different.
Also, the V8 has a different front bumper, and the shape of the
flare extend down further to match the bumper (the 91 200q's
flare is less pronounced).  These may or may not affects the application
of a V8 hood on a 91 200q.  You'll have to do some careful measuring
between the two cars.  Also I recall Steve B. saying that the core support
looked similar, but did not verify whether indeed they are the same.
That might be an issue.  Since the front grill comes down to near
bumper level, you will have to remove the original grill plus some
of the mid section of the lower grill trim.  I don't know if the
outer sections of the lower trim (below the headlights) have to
be removed to fit the V8 headlights.  If so, you'll have to fill it
with something.  The V8 has a body-colored piece there with the
headlight wiper mounted on it, which mates to the fender...

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