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Thu Sep 14 21:21:33 EDT 2000

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david_haupt at agilent.com writes:

> Chris,
>  Do you know the details of these trannys?  They've been in Audi stock for a
>  while and recently released or something else?  Any idea of warranties that
>  might be offered?
>  My 1989 200Q10V tranny makes some noise in 1st & 2nd that 2Bennett thinks 
>  likely some bearings getting weak, and they also propose that the 1991
>  tranny will fit my 1989 just fine.  Inasmuch as the clutch (original clutch
>  at 144k) is needing replacement (noisy release bearing), and there's no
>  additional labor to swap trannys, I'm definitely interested.
>  I see others have asked about fitment in other vehicles; 2Bennett makes the
>  same observation as the other lister.  These trannys will fit any 5 
>  Quattro, as the bolt pattern for the engines is all alike, but for anything
>  other than the type 44, you may have to mix/match clutch components from
>  different models and/or alter tranny/diff mounts and/or use a driveshaft
>  other than the one that is stock for your car.  It can be done, but not a
>  bolt-in, except for the type 44.
>  Dave

What's the final drive in your 10vt?  Thought it might vary from the later 
200q20v tranny.

My understanding is that Audi dumped it's new old stock trannies (these).

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