[200q20v] ECU for 200 20v poor??

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Mon Sep 18 12:25:59 EDT 2000

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> I've been looking to buy a 1991 200.  Found a relatively low mileage 
> 200 with two problem that I did not think existed to any great degree for 
> 1991.  Number 1 problem was/is this car has replaced 3 ECUs since the car 
> new. Apparently, all kinds of warnings just light up for no reason and 
> according to the mechanics that worked on this car--'just can't figure the 
> problem'--so replace.  Second problem--according to owner has had brakes '
> replaced' 3 times since new.  3 times??? Sounds a bit much to me---Anyway, 
> this car cursed?  Would it be prudent to stay away from this car and move 
> to others (with may be more miles) or consider for purchase and may be find 
> someone who can figure these problems----(As an Alfa Romeo nut---some Alfa 
> members always said some cars just out from the factory 'wrong')  Could 
> be a 'wrong' 200??   
>  Tracy M. Knoop Novak
>  422 Greenway Avenue
>  Bozeman, Montana  59718-1824

Lucky for you they told you the truth.  Stay away!  3 ECU's?  Come on, this 
is certainly not normal.  Sounds to me like a ground/other voltage problem 
-frying the ECU.  Mechanical (brakes) is one thing...a lot of it depends on 
how the owner drives the car.  Maybe the rotors were resurfaced (from 
warping).  But the ECU problem is a definite RED light in my book.  Certainly 
not the "right" car in my book.

'91 200q20v with a few mods...

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