[200q20v] climate control senior moments?

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Mon Sep 18 14:17:14 EDT 2000

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pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:

> Lately my car has started having some climate control "Senior Moments"
>  whereby the blower (set on econ) forgets to turn on for quite some time
>  after the engine is started. It starts only if I cycle through a few button
>  presses--particularly on/off, and then the blower springs into life and is
>  fine--until the next time I start the engine. It's sorta like in wintertime
>  heating (with cold engine) and the CC delays the blower while waiting for
>  engine to warm up. Except now, the CC is calling for lower than ambient
>  temp (i.e., it's 70 or 75F outside and the CC is set on 65F).  Dying
>  controller? Bad connection?
>  Phil Rose                Rochester, NY
>  '91 200q             mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

I'd agree that it sounds like the blower motor brushes are worn out.  To 
test, pull the plastic over the blower area, and you'll see the blower cover, 
with a small vent hole leading to one of the brushes.  If you press down 
slightly on the brush, through the hole, does the motor spring to life?

New motor around $100, or just replace the brushes on the old one for about 

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