[200q20v] ECU for 200 20v poor??

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Sep 18 15:57:23 EDT 2000

I agree with George that this car could be a good possibility, but perhaps
has been in the hands of incompetent wrenches (and a naive owner). Was all
this work done at an Audi dealer? Three ECUs is outrageous. The "all kinds
of warning" means just _what_ I wonder: the check engine light comes on?
That is always accompanied by a trouble code.

As to the brakes--what kind of brakes does the car have--the original,
internal rotors ("UFO" type) or the G60 retrofit kit? And what exactly does
the owner mean by "replaced"  Is that just pads? If so, it is not
unreasonable to go through 2 replacement sets of pads in 90K
miles--depending on the kind of driving. If he means that the UFO rotors
have been replaced multiple times because of warping, you might disregard
this inasmuch as it indeed is _very_ common complaint in the '91 200q and
it has various rather straightforward "fixes" ( resurfacing rotors, install
G60 kit, BIRA kit, etc). Not necessarily a reason to reject a clean car
with low miles and a good price. Do the brakes stop the car smoothly  when
applied at moderate to high speeds (e.g. 50 mph)?

The ECU question is the more problematic of the two issues. Does it seem OK
now and is there no "check engine" light showing--except briefly when
starting the engine? The motor should run smoothly and the dash LCD gauge
should show at least 1.6-1.7 bar boost during a 2000 to 3000 rpm
acceleration run (with wide-open throttle in 4th gear). Of course low boost
is also common because of rather simple issues (like torn hoses, loose
clamps or a couple of $50 parts); it needn't be a turn-off if the car is
priced "right".


At 1:19 AM -0400 9/18/00, Tracy Knoop wrote:
>    I've been looking to buy a 1991 200.  Found a  relatively low mileage
>(89,000) 200 with two problem that I did not think  existed to any great
>degree for 1991.  Number 1 problem was/is this car has  replaced 3 ECUs
>since the car was new. Apparently, all kinds of warnings  just light up
>for no reason and according to the mechanics that worked on this
>car--'just can't figure the problem'--so replace.  Second
>problem--according to owner has had brakes 'replaced' 3 times since new. 
>3  times??? Sounds a bit much to me---Anyway, is this car cursed?  Would
>it  be prudent to stay away from this car and move on to others (with may
>be more miles) or consider for purchase and may be find someone who can
>figure  these problems----(As an Alfa Romeo nut---some Alfa members always
>said  some cars just out from the factory 'wrong')  Could this be a
>'wrong'  200??        Tracy M. Knoop Novak
>422 Greenway  Avenue
>Bozeman, Montana  59718-1824

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