[200q20v] Fusible Link for Radiator Fan

Michael Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 05:09:07 EDT 2000

   Yesterday afternoon I noticed my car was running
warmer than normal around town.  While waiting for a
parking space, the temperature light on the computer
started flashing and beeping.  Immediately after this
I saw steam coming from under the hood.  i pulled into
the parking space and opened the hood to find steam
shooting out from under the radiator cap (I guess they
reall are vented)  I also Immediately notice tha fan
is not running.  When I moved the main feed wire, I
saw a small spark and the fan came on and ran fine.
While the car was cooling down, I went to the store
and bought some distilled water to fill the radiator
with.  When I investigated the spark, I noticed the
fusible link was broken in half.  To get home I placed
both wires on one screw and checked to see if the fan
would come on.  Everything has been fine since then.
    Is this link really necessary???  Should I get
another one from the dealer???  I went by the local
wrecking yard, but none of the older 100/5000 models
use this part.
    On an up note, I found a set of Euro headlights
while I was there.  After I clean them up I will
probably put them up for bid on E-bay.
Thanks for your time,
90 200 TQ 20V (German Spec)

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