[200q20v] Cruise Control

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Sep 19 09:50:21 EDT 2000

I just got of the phone with my shop, who has had the 200 for the past
week, troubleshooting a few small items that I did not have time to deal
with.  The one item that has taken some time is the cruise control.

I just got off the phone with them, and they say they think it is the
vacuum pump.    They have checked the system for vacuum leaks, checked all
the switches, etc., and have come to the conclusion that the pump is just
not generating any vacuum.

My question, anyone have any experience replacing this beast?  Any idea
what one might cost me?  Easy job?

ObStebro: One of the guys at he shop just ordered a Stebro for his 20V,
only to find out he does not need it, it is due in on Thursday. He said he
would sell it for 10% if anyone was interested, otherwise he'll just send
it back.  Call Peter at Autobon, 617-864-1555.
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