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Thu Sep 21 10:21:17 EDT 2000

Tell Rick I'm interested, and will bring my '91 200q20v sedan.  Probably better for me in November.
chris miller

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<< Hi N.E. Listers,

I spoke with my mechanic today about hosting an S-cars tech. session.
He was very enthusiastic about it, saying he has been wanting to have an
Audi tech. session.  For those who didn't see the original post on this,
our host will be Rick Hetherington and the rest of the staff at Autobahn
Performance in Peabody, MA.  Autobahn is an Audi/VW/Porsche shop.

Rick would like to see at least 20 people show up, but set no max.,
saying he'll find space for those who want to attend. Less than 20 S-car
owners expressed firm interest, but I did hear from several non-S-car
owners who are interested, even if Rick were just to cover S-cars.
Consequently, Rick offered to cover other Audi models as well.  Some
topics would inevitably apply to more than just an S-car, so it would
seem reasonable to do so.

The tech. would run from 10 AM to around 4 PM.  At the past Porsche tech
sessions lunch is usually brought in and everyone puts in between $5 and
$10 and I see no reason why we couldn't do the same here.

Rick did ask for an agenda.  Please email me directly about what you
want to discuss at the session.  For example, he said he could talk
about drivetrains and lay out a quattro drivetrain on the floor.  Or he
could do a live cam belt change.  Suspensions?  Various upgrades?
General maintainance?  He wants to cover what interests you, so email
your suggestions and requests!  The guys at Autobahn did a great job
earlier this year with a couple of Porsche tech. sessions--for example,
discussing in detail the transmisison and drivetrain for a 944 (with
actual transmission and drivetrain on the floor in front of everyone)
and an unraveling of the wiring harness for a 928.

I also need a date for October or early November.  Please send me 2
dates, ranked by preference.  I'll do what I can to work out a
convenient day, preferably in October.

The usual disclaimers apply, I am not affiliated with Autobahn other
than being a long time satisfied customer.


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