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Denny Voss raceone at mediaone.net
Thu Sep 21 18:25:44 EDT 2000

I would suggest the G-Force is in an entirely different league. I have the
G-Force KD's (I know, the KDW's are different) on my 944 Turbo S. The ride
is brutal but the dry performance is just short of R type race tires. I
believe the KDW's will be quite similar but have a bit more open tread
pattern which looses a little dry performance to gain wet performance.

I can comment on the RE730's and FWIW recommend them over the other tires.
I'm very happy with their performance package (dry, wet, ride and price).
I'm a big fan of SO-2's and feel they are superior to the RE's in every
respect... except price. But the margin is narrow.


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> Anyone know about this BFGoodrich g-force KDWS tire - all-season Z-rated.
> Impressions?  I'm deciding between these, Dunlop SP5000s, Pirelli 7000s,
> and Bridgestone RE730.
> Chris
> '91 2cq
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