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Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 10:22:05 EDT 2000

Without knowing much about the G-Force KDWS,  (Only familiar with the Ultra High Perf  G-force)  I would go with the 930.   The RE-71 was and still is a great tire.  The 930 its its modern day replacement and based on their experience witht he S0-2  I would think (and have read) thats its a great tire.   The P-7000 is a great tire to and will give it a run for the money but in wet I bet the 930 would walk away and be every bit its equal in the dry.   If your looking at the P-7000 SS   vs the SP 5000, I cant offer an opinion.  The 7000SS is a decent long wearing tire however, I think it has been surpassed by the likes of the Kumho Ecsta Supra 712.   The Falken Ziex-502?  should be its equal in everything but price (Falken should be cheaper) as should the Nitto tire that falls in that range which is very similar to the Toyo FZ-4 (but cheaper through Tire Rack.    All of these will give good wet and dry performance with the Kumho being the best IMHO.    If you want a higher performance tire like the normal P7000 then I think the RE-730 is the better choice.  But again, I'm not real familiar with the BFG.
  Hope that helps a bit.
  Chris Covington <malth at umich.edu> wrote: 
Anyone know about this BFGoodrich g-force KDWS tire - all-season Z-rated.
Impressions? I'm deciding between these, Dunlop SP5000s, Pirelli 7000s,
and Bridgestone RE730.

'91 2cq

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