[200q20v] 91 200q vs. 2000 S4

McCoy, Charlie CMcCoy at visa.com
Mon Sep 25 12:02:22 EDT 2000

A coworker/friend has a 2000 S4--after my RS2/IA upgrade I think it is
markedly quicker than his, but off the line I'
d put my money on the 2KS4 as it definitely has low end grunt. His 2000
handles a lot better than my stock-sprung 91 also.  2nd gear and above, the
91 really flies.


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So coming back from the F1 race yesterday at Indy, I came across a new S4
from WI. And going through the toll booth on the IN toll road to boot! I
waited for him, don't know if he saw me, then hit it, he hit it then, but I
easily pulled away....probably didn't get on it like I wanted him too.

Drove to the skyway toll booth, we both got a good pull out, but it's too
tight to be safe. We drove down the skyway and played with each other. I
tell you, I was out accelerating him in 5th above 80 MPH. Was feathering the
pedal about 2/3rd's, the WGFV doesn't get that constant 12 V signal, you go
faster! Had a great time, I hope he wasn't getting on it (I can't believe he
was), and I out accelerated him!!!

Was a blast.....the holes in my exhaust (pinholes from rust) really make my
car go faster -- and it sounds cool too! If he knew it was unmodified and
211K on the clock!


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