[200q20v] Beware of Dealers (esp. Pass & Weisz )

Rob Winchell rbw at swiftcorp.com
Tue Sep 26 19:19:23 EDT 2000

Ah, Pass & Weisz. Let me tell MY story then.

My friend here at work has a Boxster he bought from them a couple years
back. He took in in to have the front air dam fixed (ran over a curb in the
snow). The replaced the whole nose part, ahead of the hood. Ok, fine. He
gets it back and the lights and a couple other things are not even hooked
up - you can see the connectors and wires hanging down. He takes it back to
have them fix it, and tells them to replace the brakes while they are at it.
It takes them 3 days, and he demands it is done by Friday at 3PM. They call
at 2:30PM and say it WAS done, then one of the mechanics RAN IT INTO A
FENCE!!!! So they had to replace the front piece again. Incredible.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q20V

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> I had a deal with Pass & Weisz Porsche Audi in Burlington MA
> to purchase a
> 2001 A6 2.7t w/ 6sp and spt pkg.  The day before I was to
> take delivery they
> banged it up.  Not real bad, but it would require
> straightening the rear
> quarter panel and rear door and painting both.  Bad enough on
> a brand new
> car.  Then they thought they would sell it to me for the same
> price.  When I
> told them that I wouldn't accept the car, they offered to
> take off $1200.  I
> don't know what they are smoking but that car has lost more
> than $1200 in
> value.  When they said they would find me another car, I told
> them that I
> didn't see any reason to continue do business with them.
> I realize the economy is good right now, but I don't think
> dealers should be
> that cocky.
> Michael Sylvester
> 91 200q20v avant	(No, I am not selling this car)
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