[200q20v] Beware of Dealers

Rob Winchell rbw at swiftcorp.com
Wed Sep 27 09:11:23 EDT 2000

This was really my point, although I did not get it across very well. I do
not blame the mechanics either. Pass & Wiesz have a _horrible_ reputation
around here. When that happened to my friend's Boxster, they did not even
apologize for damaging his $50k car, or making him wait another week to get
it back. I have several other stories about them, including saying they
replaced a guys rear bumper cover when they actually just replaced it. All
of the stories involve the management (or the parts department - don't get
me started).

Mechanics have a tough job. As much as I envy the concept of working on cars
every day, I don't envy the pressure they are under or the amount of
technology they have to keep up with.  I do not expect them to know anything
about my car.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q20V

> It's the management that I have a problem with.  I'd like to
> think that most
> mechanics try to do quality work.  In my case, which started this thread,
> didn't involve the mechanic.  And really it doesn't matter how the car was
> damaged, accidents happen.  What pissed me off was how the dealer
> wanted to
> handle the situation.
> Mike Sylvester

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