[200q20v] Selecting a Body Shop (was: Beware of Dealers)

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Wed Sep 27 02:49:43 EDT 2000

At 9:48 PM -0400 9/26/00, WARATAP at aol.com wrote:

>  Some parts guys at the Dealers today don't even know
>there's a differnece between 200Q and 200Q20v (imagine that...).

Some, not all.  Actually, I had the oppertunity to speak to one of 
Joe Fritz's coworkers at Ira Audi.  Real nice guy, a bunch of listers 
met him at the NE Audi Owner's Group event(what a mouthful.)  Towards 
the end of the day, he handed me a business card, said keep in touch, 
it was "great to meet a few people who were actually serious 
enthusiasts"(referring to the line of older Audis and their owners :-)

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