[200q20v] speedo and boost,....Foggy windows.

Brian.Link at Level3.com Brian.Link at Level3.com
Thu Sep 28 10:00:57 EDT 2000

Well I finally got time to install my boost gauge on the A-pillar using a
VDO vision series gauge and a A-pillar Gauge pod designed for an Acura
Legend.  Well the fit wasn't that close, but the heat gun can turn the
plastic into putty for easy molding, that and a dremel.  

I could use some help on a few issues.
the car is a 91 200tq with a tap modified computer. 

1. I have had a surging problem at high boost and I'm trying to fix it.
With the boost gauge I can see the needle go up to 19 psi, then it
oscillates (really quickly) back and forth from 14-19 psi.  any guesses?
Pressure leaks?,  WGFV?, ECU?.

2. My speedometer is flaky, I re-soldered the pins for the speedometer head
with no change, I checked it with a dmm and it tests good.  I look at the
SJM website but I can't find the points to look at and re-solder, What board
are they on?  I had the whole thing in little pieces and could not find the

3. and why do I love this car.  Driving home in a snow storm last week, (our
first in Colorado) half way home all my windows fog up instantly.  I had the
all the windows open, sun roof tilted up, climate control off.  I can't
believe a $0.79 spring can make my car undrivable.  At least it was easy to

thanks in advance

Brian Link

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