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So what is the risk? Do as Bernie suggests, it is a raffle ticket, if you
get pointed later, you can argue that it should have been assessed during
the stated time period, and produce your check.

Besides, the money just goes to the State Policeman's Ball, doesn't it?

Very interesting suggestion, I think I will throw away my Valentine One!

Meanwhile, I am loving having my urquattro back on the road, the 91 Avant
continues to impress me, especially since I am in the process of trying to
buy an S4. the stock ones are such slow mush machines in comparison to
Bilstein sports, Eibachs, brakes, and 17x8 rims! of that innocent looking

Perhaps I will focus on exercising a A4 1.8T to 250 hp!

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><spam, spam, spam, urban legend, and spam>

Really? Who is the vendor for the one single "standard database used by
DMVs across the nation" that contains this egregious error? Oracle? IBM?
And no one at any of these DMVs ever noticed this "feature" in testing?


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