[200q20v] spring source-Eibach or H&R (less preferable)

Craig Dain Gary cgary at psu.edu
Fri Sep 29 09:53:27 EDT 2000

I picked up a set of the Eibach re-runs from Mark at Rocky Mountain
Motorworks in Colorado.  His number is (303) 932-9990.  I paid $350
+shipping, but it seems like a reasonable deal for a never-to-be-available-
again spring set.  They're the 1529.140 set (designated for the '92-'97

Haven't yet installed them.  I seem to remember someone machining a
10mm spacer plate for the rear perch to keep the stock "rake" of the car
when using the Eibachs.  Does anyone have any information (or pictures)
on this procedure?

Has anyone used one of Eibach's "Alignment Kits" to compensate for
negative camber on the front wheels?


>I recall someone mentioning a special re-run by Eibach for their springs for
>the 200 and urS4/S6.
>Who do I call, or e-mail for these springs?
>Phil Ackley
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