[200q20v] what later Audi rims fit over ufo's?

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sun Apr 1 10:13:18 EDT 2001

Check the clearance between the outermost part of the UFO and the inside of
the spokes of the wheels. You need to make sure that the wheel is riding on
the hub and not the UFO. The 16x7 speedlines off of a 97 A6 for example need
spacers to fit over UFO's and I've heard of them being bolted up wiyhout it
being obvious that there isn't enough clearance.

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> I just swapped my OEM UrS4 16" wheels(225x50), ET40, onto my 91 200TQA.
> to fit just fine. Put 17's on the S4, and have a set of almost new, noisy
> a$$**ed, Nordman snow tires for sale, if anyone is interested.
> Gary
> 94UrS4
> 91 200TQA
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> > What Audi rims from the later cars fit the 91 tq with ufo brakes?
> I believe the  UrS4/S6 rims fit,
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