[200q20v] 50's something Corvair digression

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sun Apr 1 13:03:01 EDT 2001

I saw a very nice pearl white Corvair last month. Show quality. Check it
Notice the difference between a 200 in Audi pw and the "whiter" pw on the
Chevy. Someone had a lot of time and money.

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> Tom,
> Sold in 59 as a 60 model?  Also, I believe the 180 only came in the
> upgraded sports model called Corsa (1965-67), and wasn't aware of its'
> being sold as a Monza.  Carb syncing certainly was an acquired (and
> appreciated) skill with the 4 carb setup.
> These recollections are a bit fuzzy as I only started following these
> after they'd ceased production.  Had plans for dumping one in a Karmann
> Ghia or putting a V8 in the back seat of a post 65 model.
> I failed to mention something you pointed out.  Unlike the 356 Porsche
> with swing axles, the Corvair had a full IRS setup.
> Dale
> 89 200tq avant
> 91 200q20v

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