[200q20v] After-run fan.

Mike O'Donnell mod2000 at home.com
Sun Apr 1 16:39:19 EDT 2001

It's been a slow day on the list and I've got a burning question about the after-run system on our cars.  There was a recent thread about the radiator fan fuse which got me thinking that my after-run fan has not kicked on during the winter months and I should probably look into this further.

I tested the system with the engine hot, removed the two wires to the temp switch (temp sensor) and confirmed both the after run fan and turbo cooling pump are working properly, but not when plugged into the switch.  I replace the switch with the part number from SJM's web-site but nothing has changed.

Just to add confusion, a few days after I replaced the switch, I did hear the after-run fan run for 20 seconds and then cut out.  That was a week ago and I have not heard a thing since.  Before I begin tracking down an electrical gremlin, can the after-run relay operate intermittently?  I'm assuming they either work or they don't.  Hopefully someone's BDTD.  Thanks as always.  

Mike O.
Seattle, WA
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