[200q20v] After-run fan.

Mike O'Donnell mod2000 at home.com
Sun Apr 1 22:00:30 EDT 2001

Thanks for the advice.  I think I'll just wait for some warmer weather to
see if the system functions more often.  I am running an 80 degree
thermostat which may allow the engine to operate below the threshold of the
temp switch.  I've also noticed coolant seepage from some hoses which I
thought may indicate a problem with the after-run.....probably just 10 year
old hoses needing replacement.

Are all our coolant hoses dealer only items?

Mike O.

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> Mike, it will only run if the coolant gets hot enough after engine
> From my experience with my 94 S4, it almost never came on when I had a 80
> degree thermostat in the car. After changing to 87, it almost always comes
> on in the Summer, but rarely in the Winter. I could check the Bentley for
> the temps. it comes on at if you would like. I'm not home now.  I just got
> the 91 200 20v and have just changed the thermo from 80 to 87, and it
> come on yet either. I need to run the test to make sure it works. HTH
> Gary
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> It's been a slow day on the list and I've got a burning question about the
> after-run system on our cars.  There was a recent thread about the
> fan fuse which got me thinking that my after-run fan has not kicked on
> during the winter months and I should probably look into this further.
> I tested the system with the engine hot, removed the two wires to the temp
> switch (temp sensor) and confirmed both the after run fan and turbo
> pump are working properly, but not when plugged into the switch.  I
> the switch with the part number from SJM's web-site but nothing has
> Just to add confusion, a few days after I replaced the switch, I did hear
> the after-run fan run for 20 seconds and then cut out.  That was a week
> and I have not heard a thing since.  Before I begin tracking down an
> electrical gremlin, can the after-run relay operate intermittently?  I'm
> assuming they either work or they don't.  Hopefully someone's BDTD.
> as always.
> Mike O.
> Seattle, WA

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