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Did you look in the . I seem to recall from the Bentley that you can leave
the radio on for an hour or something and then get moer chances, but after
six tries maybe you don't have the correct code. 
Aftermarket radios are limited if you want to maintain the gorgeous orginal
look of the orange/red dash. There is one Blaupunkt that has the right
lights, but looks kind of wierd. Nakamichi has several models that have the
right look and are excellent units.
The other things is to make sure you know what system you have - Bose or
non-Bose. See Chris' pages.
Good luck,

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well there goes my radio,
just went to prestige imports (audi's, porsche, saab dealer) and they told
me that my radio needs to be replaced 'cause of the 6 tries that i did in
decoding it(safe mode after doing the alternator), well first i was given 3
tries  then it goes to safe mode, i then removed the neg(-) battery terminal
and given 3 more tries but to no avail. 
1. does anyone know how to remove the radio,  i was thinking of getting an
aftermarket radio, well since the old remanufactured radio would cost $150
from the dealer, might as well get a newer radio.
2. would installing a 45 watts radio fry my stock speakers?
3. is there a shop that buy old audi radios, i just want to dispose it, or
would it be wise to just keep it?.
btw the audis & porsche's @ prestige imports got me drooling there for a 30
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