[200q20v] 20V's and other cars

Jeff.Bernstein at pneumaticscale.com Jeff.Bernstein at pneumaticscale.com
Mon Apr 2 10:11:18 EDT 2001

Other cars the I own.  The Audi V8 Quattro was the 80th car I have owned.
My son and I are working on a web page that will have pictures of our
current cars.  As you can tell I like cars.

'91 Audi 200Q-20V
'91 Audi Coupe Quattro
'90 Audi V8 Quattro (For Sale)
'87 Porsche 944 Turbo (Autocross and track car) 
'96 Chrysler Town & Country (Wifes) 

Jeff Bernstein

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