[200q20v] Washer Fluid Warning Light

Mike & Tanya Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 16:06:05 EDT 2001

I just did a tune up on my car today.  Cap, rotor, wires, spark plugs,
afterrun fan sensor, and the hydraulic system suction hose.
When I start the car now it tells me my washer fluid is low.  I went and
added a gallon of fluid and it stills shows I am low.  Is there anything
near where I was working that would go to the washer fluid warning system??
Does anyone know where the sensor is on the fluid tank??  Since I have a
German spec car the Euro lights block most of the fluid tank and I can't see
the sensor.
I thought this is kind of weird......anyone else experience something like

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