[200q20v] Stalling,cont'd

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Apr 3 10:19:18 EDT 2001

I've had my 200q20v for three? weeks now, in addition to a stall on
the pre-purchase test drive, I've probably experienced a total of six.
Your problem sounds similar to mine when I get it up to temperature,
maybe you can create the failure in the way I've experienced it.

They seem to mostly occur after I've blipped the throttle and made a
downshift while coming to a stop.  It dies when I put in the clutch and
come to a stop, e.g.: hard on throttle for a sec, grab the gear and
brake, not touching the gas peddle again.  YMMV, any engineer will tell
you that trying to show somebody else an intermittent problem is a sure
way to a headache.

I've not had much time to fiddle, the steering rack and fear of using
the old headlights at night used up all diagnosis/repair time to date.
Other listers have covered about everything I've come up with in the
Bentley that I plan to look at.


Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:
> For any of you who are still interested, I am actively taking notes on my
> car's behavior as I prepare a visit to the dealer to hopefully put this
> problem to rest. And to reiterate my previous point, I am not on some
> witchhunt against my dealer; I just want this problem corrected, and to make
> sure that I did not dump several hundreds of dollars into  the car, out of my
> pocket, for nothing.
> That said, the dealer indicated they wanted a mechanic to ride with me, to
> see if I can replicate the problem for them. I am fearful that this will be
> impossible to do. I have purposely tried to "simulate" situations in which I
> think the car would stall, but any attempt I make on purpose fails.
> Some questions the dealer had was if the car makes any noise prior to the
> stall. It doesn't. In fact, the stalling is so subdued that I only notice it
> once the steering gets heavy, and I see the bank of idiot lights lit up.
> Another question was if it happens when the car is cold. It can happen then,
> and it can happen after I have been driving it for over an hour.
> What I have picked on is that it likes to stall upon sudden deceleration,
> accompanied by a downshift. The one place I can almost count on my car
> stalling out is entering the driveway to my company. If the light is green, I
> am usually travelling at 35-45mph, turn left to cross the road, downshift
> into 2nd, and then the engine dies. This is the one instance in which the car
> consistently fails on me, and it is an especially dangerous place for it to
> happen given the fast-moving traffic.
> This convinces me that somewhere in that engine there is a vacuum leak that
> is reacting to a sudden loss of revs that shuts the engine down, or sucks out
> enough air to cut the engine.
> Naturally, when I come to the dealer next week, I'll tell them the same
> symptoms, but I thought I would share some more details on the circumstances
> of the stalling to see what you guys thought. Thanks for bearing with me!
> Tom
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