[200q20v] 20V's and other cars, Epilogue

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Apr 3 16:05:07 EDT 2001

At 12:40 AM 04/03/2001 -0400, Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:

>Well, I have certainly received many responses as to what other cars sit in
>our respective stables. Not that I was at all surprised, but an overwhelming
>majority of us own at least two Audi's, in some cases, you own several Audi's.

If you drive an Audi, you need something else to drive while 
fixing/awaiting parts for your driver, so, owning several seems to be a 
natural result.  That's why there are five...no, wait,  it's now 
six...Audis in my yard.

>The list owns Audi's that span nearly two decades. Some of you have modified
>4000 Quattros, 5000 Turbo Quattros, which makes up for the 80's cars, the
>others own S-series Audi's from the 90's. I admit I am in the minority since
>other 1990's Audi is (regrettably) not an S-series car. Still, it impresses
>me that owners of newer, faster S-series cars continue to hang on to the 200
>20V Quattro. Obviously the money is there for a more modern car, but I'd love
>to hear from any of you as to what keeps the 200 in your driveway despite the

We're NUTS.

>Also, I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the muted VW fanatacism some
>of you share. I can certainly understand it. My first car was an '82
>Scirocco; my wife and I later owned a '94 Jetta that was totalled in an
>accident (which is when we bought the '95 90).

Wow.  My first car was a '53 Ford.  My first wife and I got divorced after 
buying a 61 Beetle.  She got the Beetle, I ended up with a fourth-hand NSU 

>Some of you also mentioned the minivan or SUV of your spouse, the respective
>family hauler, and there are a couple of you with some American muscle cars
>too. Otherwise, you guys are diehard German car fans, I seem to be the lone
>British car owner with my MG.

I didn't list, but my yard also houses a Chebby Suburban, a one-ton dump 
truck, a Do-Mor 707 4X4 loader-grader tractor that "crabs" with four-wheel 
steering and a smaller diesel 4X4 tractor with a loader and rototiller.

>Laziness on my behalf prevented me from putting together hard data, but I
>think the above is a fair summary of what we drive. Thanks for your

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