[200q20v] What is Ur? and other dumb ?'s

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 3 23:40:56 EDT 2001

	As far as the 1/4 mile & 0-60 times go.  I think most, if not all of these
are a LITTLE exaggeration for a stock 200.  Chipped...that's another story.
I'll describe each of the car's mentioned here as far as perf. goes.

Ferrari 328 GTS C&D Review 0-60 5.6, 1/4 = 14.2 at 97
Corvette C&D Review (1986 model) 0-60 6.0, 1/4 = 14.5 at 95
Testarossa ran low 5 second 0-60 and mid 13 second 1/4's...quite an

The Corvette's it totally depends on the year.  85-92 were low to mid 14's
in the 1/4.  93-96 were high 13's...97 to present are low to mid 13's....mid
70's to 84 were low 15's (the only vette's I know of in the last 35 years
that the 200 could keep up with).  The thing is though, that none of these
haul 4 adults, none of 'em do worth a damn in the snow and bring the Ferrari
328 or mid 80's corvette up here to Denver and I'll spank it's butt in the
thin air :)  I have done a few runs with the 200 and it does just about what
R & T and C&D said it did...low 15's in the low 90's.  However, even
including one Trans Am that we built that skidpadded at just over 1.0
G's...I have NEVER owned another car (excluding the S4) that was as stable
at 140 mph as the 200...simply incredible!!!  The S4 I can accomplish high
14's in the 1/4 in stock trim.  It's a bit of an exagerration on these cars
that the articles say it can keep up with BUT it doesn't lessen the point
that there are only a handful of sedans built in '91 that can keep up with
the 200.

--Calvin (1/4 mile junky)

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