[200q20v] What is Ur? and other dumb ?'s

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 4 20:54:07 EDT 2001

The funny thing is, there was no competition for the S4 or the 200q
back in '92 and '91, respectively.

The M5 was going for about $60k back then (significantly more than either
Audi) and the 500E was a bit more- $65k, IIRC.

The E34 M5 came out in '91 in the States. I believe the 500E came out in
'92. Model years, that is. I don't remember when the cars actually hit the
dealerships. I drove the E34 M5 in the spring of 1992 and it was a
new car at that time, I think.

Neither Audi was pricewise in the same ballpark, nor was either car really
in the same performance ballpark either. The Audis were significantly slower
than the M5 and much cheaper.


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