[200q20v] .25 ETs etc

Fundsalo Racing fundsaloracing at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 14:07:15 EDT 2001

Sometimes a little clutch slippage can be your friend.
Q driveline parts are not cheap....

A Centerforce dual-friction clutch might be a good
upgrade for this type of werk?

When .25ing my 85 ur-q I found the following launch
technique worked best; open diffs both, bring revs up
to launch RPM and hold (not as easy as it sounds),
very gently let clutch out to take up all slack in the
drive-line, only then release the clutch very
agressively so as to spin the front tires relieveing a
lot of the shock to the driveline and saving the
clutch. Really love the feel when the steering gets
light as those big front tires break loose! 

Have not (yet) abused the 200q20v in a similar manner,
only got one run down the .25, first ever in this car
and car was pure stock. Launch was very poor due to
excess RPM and my shifting was far from optimal. Sure
surprised that 5.0 rustang though!  :)  


location: NED (New England Dragway, Epping, NH, USA)
date: 4/7/99
time: 1810H
mileage: 127,620
car #: 168
lane: right
R/T: .840 (poor)
60': 2.101 (not bad)
330': 6.235
1/8: 9.689
MPH: 71.74
1000: 12.618
1/4: 15.082 (yeah - 14s are easily in reach!)
MPH: 91.25 (yeah, 95 MPH is also in reach)
Will be making additional 'tests' this spring with
both the 200q20v mit Stage III+ and well as with the
ur-q mit KUQEFH once I get the pop-off valve

Anyone up for a Quattro Challenge (Tm) at NED when the
snopack melts?



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