[200q20v] vanity

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 4 17:10:14 EDT 2001

is when you have both the domain name and the plate :-)

I was tempted by a variety of other choices that were available:
"20VT"(and variants)
"HAUDI"(and backwards variant)

"PRSCHSDN" was tempting, too.

On a side note, Safelite glass just gave me a quote for replacing my
windshield, which has been cracked for ages now.

"Hoooboy.  That's got a moulding on it.  This one's gonna hurt.  $736."

That's for the official, honest to god factory glass; generic glass is
2-something.  My current windshield is a generic, and the whole thing is
garbage; the seal's wrong(too fat, bulges out), the chrome is
cheap(uneven/wavy surface) etc.

"Oh, I was expecting more like $100-150"

"Yhea, right, that's South Bronx prices."

"'Borrowed' from one car by the installer, installed in another, right?"

He chuckles.."you got it..."

'91 200q20v, NY plates "200Q20V"(I guess this is the opposite of blurring
your plates, right? :-)

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