[200q20v] Bosch headlights with Blau harness

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed Apr 4 16:22:39 EDT 2001

Just wanted to post a note about my Bosch installation using the
pre-wired harness from Blau.

The paper with the harness indicated that the blue and brown wires
should be UP when connected to the installed headlamp units.  The
drivers side that was not working properly on high beams had its
connectors rotated 180 degrees from the positions on the passenger

I don't know if that is normal on the these units or the socket was
miswired or twisted while the factory glue was curing or whatever
bizarre reason.  The plug bodies of the harness were shaved down
either to fit or remove outside keying material, so flipping one
over to match the unit pinout was no problem.

Blau sent a modified relay to exchange for the standard dead bulb
monitor.  Since there are relays in the system now, the control unit
can't detect a problem anyhow, but I'm going to try dummy loads in
the dangling passenger connector instead of using the modified part.


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