[200q20v] RE: 200 20V stalling

Charles Baer Charlie at DCSi.com
Thu Apr 5 10:53:08 EDT 2001

Does your tach drop to 200rpm for a moment while just sitting
waiting for the light to turn green ?  I get this bounce from
time to time and I think the stalls are the more severe instances
of the same problem, probably aggravated by a fast drop to idle,
and maybe also involving the bypass valve.

I seriously doubt that the bypass valve is the complete cure,
since the dynamics of its function are pretty quiescent while
sitting at idle.  Of course that doesn't mean there are multiple
problems.  I specifically asked the shop to check the bypass
during the post-buy inspection three weeks ago, I'm not ruling
it out as a problem even though they said it was OK.

I haven't diagnosed anything yet and I expect this weekend will
go towards retrieving my 915 gearbox from my old mechanic up in
the hills.  That leaves the rest of the summer to pave the mud
patch I jokingly call a driveway, build a garage ( tired of
installing trannies in the snow ), and deal with the page of
repairs the inspecting shop gave me for the 200q, WHEEEEE!!


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> I have the same problem myself. Based on the pulled codes from the
> diagnostic computer - it's a low voltage issue. These cars have a
> chronic problem - poor alternator design and high load from
> Headlights,A/C, radio etc will reproduce your symptoms on my car -
> usually in the rain...
> I believe Avi Meron has a rebuilt alternator that seems to be 
> the ticket
> - as usual, no problem that : time, money, and ingenuity can't solve.
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> Peter Dowker
> 1991 200tq
>  - still working the prop shaft bearing issues-

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