[200q20v] Parts kit available for "Bernie brace" front strut braces

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Thu Apr 5 12:34:55 EDT 2001

I think I missed the start of this and most of the discussion.

What research/analysis was done to assure adopters of this design
that the bolt that was put there by the Audi engineers to handle
downward pull by the strut will survive lateral stresses caused
by this bar ?

I checked the tower webs on my 200q20v when I first saw it.  I am
definitely going to put in a brace, and this design was along the
lines of what I was thinking of making.  The potential stress on
the center bolt made me want to fit a plate to the outer bolts
instead, but that is a lot more work.


C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
> You may recall fellow lister Bernie Benz's design for a strut shaft to strut
> shaft front brace for the type 44 (100/200/5000) cars (see:
> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/strutbrace.html  )
> Back when Bernie first posted his idea to the list, there was a lot of
> interest and discussion.  Bernie's had these installed on two cars, and seems
> quite pleased with the outcome.
> Fellow list member Dale McCormack took the initiative to find a machine shop,
> and coordinate the construction/purchase of the special parts needed to
> create these strut shaft braces.  With my encouragement, he's willing to put
> these parts together in a package for interested listers.
> (Dale was kind enough to send me samples of the machined parts; they are very
> nice.)
> Here's the details; contact Dale, not me, if you're interested in these.
> ---
> EarlyBird Discount thru 4/30:
> There has been sufficient interest that ALL technical
> components (rod
> ends, jam nuts, strut adapter nuts) for your BernieBrace Strut
> Reinforcement Brace are packaged
> together.  You will
> need to locally source (Home Depot, Ace Hardware, et.al.)
> approximately
> 40" of EMT thinwall (aka conduit) tubing and perform some
> "hand fitment"
> to complete the job.
> For you EarlyBirds, there's a 10% savings (until 4.30.01)
> too!  DEDUCT
> it from the prices below.  (Refunds will be sent to those
> overpaid.):
> Package Prices Postpaid (to one address):
>         One car                                 $70
> $63 EarlyBird
>         Two cars                                $125
> $112.50 EarlyBird
>         Additional car(s)                       $55 (NO
> EarlyBird Discount)
>         Nevada residents add appropriate state tax
> Shipping:
> Insured Priority Mail INCLUDED
> International Orders
>         Canada                          $3 additional
> ground  $8 air
>         UK & Europe                     $10 air
> Ordering:
> 1) email your order (dale at themccormacks.org)
> 2) make check or money order Payable and Mail to:
> Strategic Business Systems, Inc.
> 3885 S. Decatur,  Suite 2010
> Las Vegas, NV  89103
> Yes, a website IS under development w/credit card
> convenience.
> Available soon, but don't wait for it.
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