[200q20v] ADMIN: lists up

Brett Dikeman brettd at speakeasy.net
Thu Apr 5 21:22:17 EDT 2001

For a few hours, a stale lock file kept mail from getting delivered 
to all lists; this particular lock file keeps multiple copies of a 
mailman subprogram from running(this program runs every 5 minutes and 
is integral to delivery.)

It will be quite some time before all mail that's backed up is 
delivered.  The system is going through all the queues for several 
lists, each with its own backed up mail from mid-morning onwards.

Remember, don't email the list with test messages during these 
outages; they only make the problem worse when things get running 
again :-)

If you can, please try to cut down on mailings to the list for the 
next few hours...though you folks may not get this message for 
several hours(it's 8:30pm EST), so oh well :-)

#2 geek-in-residence
200q20v listmaster

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