[200q20v] venerable 200qs

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Thu Apr 5 16:53:58 EDT 2001

Just ran into a gentleman outside my office whose pearl 200q20v caught my
eye...car has 250k miles on it!  He told me that he had an identical 91 that
he put comparable miles on before selling it.  Seems he is retired and
travels a great deal, mainly by auto!  Also has a 99 A6 at home but, as he
put it, "sure isn't the same car that this one is!"  

Nice to see one of ours going strong (a bit faded, perhaps, but after 250k+
on the road, why not?) at that point. 

91 200q20v 86k miles (a mere babe in the woods)

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