[200q20v] Blau harness and Bosch euro headlights

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Thu Apr 5 20:11:14 EDT 2001

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> Charlie,
> Is there a diagram of that harness available?  I was unable 
> to find it on Blau's site 
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Nada, did you catch the post I made about the harness probably
being OK ?  Didnna' want to castigate Blau when it were kosher.

It seems pretty straightforward, three relays, driven by the driver
side OEM socket, and a connection to the driver side marker.  I
didn't bother checking anything before installing, a mistake that
I know better than to make.  The whole reason I bought the harness
was the notion that after the cost of parts, the time spent designing,
wiring and tearing my hair out in EEM catalogs and getting Audi parts
would be worth the difference; I now would have preferred to make my
own harness and run shorter lengths for the hi current runs, as well
as add a circuit to keep the dead light warning intact.

I'd been to this page: http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/eurolght.html
that describes the units and the H4 bulb.  The socket pinout did NOT
match my driver side unit; and contrary to the procedure sent with
the harness, the Audi parking marker plug did not mate to the
connector they provide.  I have tons of stuff lying around and just
grabbed a short fuse holder already with quick-disconnects and shoved
it in, the plastic housing around the connector on the two blue wires
didn't mate with what was on the car.

The SJM site also warns about the jump-start block behind the passenger
side headlamp possibly needing relocation.  I, of course, spaced this
out in my hurry to get outside and do the job before the sun went down.
Fortunately, I was able to make a BAD temp relocation by using the wrong
hole of the block to mis-mount it on one of the base holes.  I'd have
some aluminum plate handy or whatever you like to fab a new mount very
early on during the job, as soon as you can position a euro unit for the

Also look at where the bumper cover and trim sit relative to the
structure so you can tell where to fit the harness when you route it
across the front.

BTW: Can you get any info on the LumiLeds venture w/ Philips ?  I want
add some amber LEDs where the old side markers used to live.  I noticed
your Agilent address and went "OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy!".  I think some of the
SnapLED parts will do the job, I know they've released a CHMSL


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