[200q20v] Re: glass replacement tip

Brett Dikeman brettd at speakeasy.net
Fri Apr 6 01:13:13 EDT 2001

At 8:29 PM -0700 4/5/01, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Has anybody who has replaced windsheild noticed an increase in the 
>effectiveness of their windsheild wipers?  I've tried cleaning the 
>window with all kinds of things, running new bosch blades, all to no 
>avail.  My latest guess is the windsheild stone pits.  Any ideas or 
>experience with this?

Yes, it's because the glass gets a rough surface.  There are some 
very gentle polishes that remove mineral buildup and the like, maybe 
that would help.

RainX, which fills the little pits, causes water to roll off. The 
stuff is quite impressive; I also find it does one hell of a good job 
at getting glass clean; I've cleaned glass, then applied rainx, only 
to find lots of dirt on the cloth.


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