[200q20v] What competition???

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I owned a 1991 Galant VR4, in fact, I just sold it three months ago.  4wd

That car beat the Audi for bang for the buck!

I put Eibach springs, GAB adj shocks, HKS defencer, large fuel pump, 3"
exhaust, 17" rims, Centerforce clutch, Greddy boost controller. larger
special turbo, porting, etc.  An easy 300 hp screamer.

Stock it was almost as fast as the urs4, improved it was really quick, but
did not have the torque of the Audi.

These were fast cars, and needed big brakes.  The engine was indestructible.
Transmissions took a beating however.

Viscous coupling center and front diffs. A later mod was rear viscous
limited slip-you had it all, front rear, left right!

A real sleeper four door, and would blow away the new 2000S4.  It did not
have the interior quality, but in 1991 it was a $24,000 car that did not
sell well, but was the fastest street 4wd around, and would trounce my 91

My 96 S6 with RS2 manifold, turbo, mtm 3bar chip, Stromung full 3" exhaust
and Abt springs, shocks, and S8 struts/brakes, and 235-45-17 tires is much
faster.  In fact that car is much faster than just about anything as we
found out at VIR this past week.  125+ front straight, 135+ back straight,
uncatchable in the rain!
Audi quality does reign supreme, but at a high initial cost!

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When did the Mitsu Galant VR-4 come out...I believe it was '92?  Just on
performance it was dang close....however let's not talk reliability,
terrible gauge package, crappy construction, etc. :)

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Hey anyone think any of these cars can beat us in 0-60 in the snow...

(or even rain for that matter)

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There was no competition back in 91 - none of the cars
listed below had AWD.



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